Womens Narrow Dress Shoes

If you have not shopped for a pair of womens narrow dress shoes lately, you may be surprised to find that the shoes seem to be getting narrower and narrower! What are the designers thinking?!? The shoes are getting narrower…but our feet have not changed. Have you seen what an average foot looks like in those womens narrow dress shoes?

It is not a pretty sight. The narrower the shoe is, the fatter the foot looks – no matter how petite you are. These shoes were meant for people who have smaller than average feet – narrow feet. If you have wide feet, narrow dress shoes are not for you – and trying to wear these types of shoes will definitely defeat the narrow shoes purpose.

Instead, try to find shoes that make your foot look smaller and narrower. Black is a slimming color, and this is true even for feet! Look for shoes that have low sides as well, as opposed to shoes that hug and outline the foot. This will give more of an illusion of a narrow foot. Shoes that have a shorter top – a top that just barely covers the toes – will also help give an illusion of a smaller foot.

Some of us just have bigger feet, and we are not suited to womens narrow dress shoes. If you want your feet to look smaller, avoid trying to cram your foot into these types of shoes, and avoid shoes that hug or outline the foot. Leave the narrow shoes to the people with abnormally small feet. Not only will you be more comfortable, but you will also find that you pay less for the shoes!

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