How to Shop for Womens Designer Shoes - For Someone Else

First time buying womens designer shoes for someone else? Perhaps a loved one, or a relative? What should you take into consideration, or avoid just in case?

The first thing you must know is that womens designer shoes are quite a personal purchase. Not everyone can afford them, which is why those who can, treasure them. Moreover, they come with unique designs that are meant to capture the personality or mood of their wearer. It takes time and effort to shop for anything that gives that much value. And men wonder why women take so long to shop for just shoes!

The first thing you should consider is your budget. Can you afford a "branded" pair, or are you better off with the lesser-known brands? Some branded shoes cost upwards $100, depending also on the fabric and design. Some even cost thousands of dollars, and if money is no object, then by all means go all-out! Just bear in mind that the best-looking and best-fitting shoes are not always the most expensive ones.

You should also consider the personal preferences of the woman you intend to give the shoes to. What color would she like most? Note that her favorite color is not necessarily the best color for shoes. It would be hard to match bright green or yellow shoes with most formal ensembles, for example. Footwear should definitely match the ensemble that one plans to wear! If you are buying dress shoes, consider the colors of the dresses that the woman already owns. Black or white shoes would normally go well with everything, and exude elegance besides.

Mind the material! Some designer shoes come in exotic leathers or fabrics. This usually means comfort for anyone who wears them, but do bear in mind that not all ladies will appreciate wearing real animal skin! If you should happen to give your womens designers shoes as a gift to someone who is conscious about things such as earth-friendliness and being kind on one's own budget, you should purchase only shoes that would give her peace of mind. It would certainly not do to own gorgeous shoes that would weigh heavily on one's conscience!

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