Feel Like a Silver Screen Queen With Red Carpet Shoes

Red carpet shoes deserve to be a classification of their own. They are no ordinary dress shoes or women's shoes - they go beyond fashion and rise to the top of elegance, embodying the entire Hollywood mystique.

Every woman deserves to feel like a star, even on a budget! Red Carpet shoes aren't always expensive... although realistically speaking, they usually are. The Red Carpet is a glorified walkway, and a playground for major lines like Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. They adorn the screen goddesses' feet, almost as spectacular and stunning as the actresses themselves.

When one calls footwear "red carpet," one doesn't mean designs that have actually been worn on the famous walkway of the stars. It could also mean shoes that deserve to be on display in that manner, footwear that symbolizes the height of glamor. Some of these shoes look like they will cost thousands of dollars. Some are even studded with gemstones and richly adorned with exotic fabric.

And yet, some pairs won't even cost over a hundred dollars! You have to keep your eye out for deals on extraordinarily stylish footwear. High-heeled open-toed sandals can be elegant and at the same time cheap, and is a favorite match for evening gowns, cocktail dresses and the like.

The "bling" is the thing! The shinier the shoes, the more it catches attention. Shoes that come in bright colors, or are imbued with a unique sheen or metallic surface, are worthy of being associated with the red carpet. If you're after something a little more toned down, why not look for pumps or low-heeled shoes, that are nonetheless able to capture that celebrity stature that suits you best?

Imitations just won't cut it. What would your Hollywood idols say if you settle for anything less than the original? Your shoes don't have to be Chanel or Versace to catch attention, which is what Red Carpet shoes are meant to do! The only key thing is to have them match your clothes. Don't but DON'T wear flashy (and possibly even expensive) shoes with shabby dime-store clothes, or everyday wear that plays down your looks. Let your celebrity shoes give you the star treatment you deserve!

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