Black Elastic Button Closures for Tap Shoes

If you or your child is new to tap dancing, you may find that you need or prefer the black elastic button closures for tap shoes, as opposed to the ties or buckles for tap shoes. The black elastic button closures for tap shoes are safer than the bow tie closures, and easier to deal with than the old buckle style shoes. Many tap teachers now require the button closures for beginner students these days.

Most dance teachers have found that these button closures are simply safer and easier to deal with, as opposed to the bow ties. The shoes simply stay on better, and less class time is spent retying bows. Before these closures were available, the only other option for tap shoes was the old fashioned buckles. These are safe, and do very well in keeping the shoe on the foot, but they are very tight and hard to buckle – and they offer very little in the way of comfort or flexibility.

Instructors have found that the button closures work better than the bow ties, and they are more comfortable and look better than the buckles. Beginner students are able to put forth more work and concentration on the steps and routines, without having to worry about keeping their tap shoes on their feet! There are fewer injuries as well.

You can purchase the black elastic button closures for tap shoes wherever shoes are sold. Most companies that make dancewear of any type sell these as well. If you can’t find the closures in a store near you, try looking around online. You can usually by about twelve pairs for twenty dollars.

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