Activizer Slippers

If you are in search of a comfortable pair of slippers that will revitalize your feet, you need look no farther than Activizer Slippers. Activizer slippers can be found in many of the finer department stores, such as Dillards, and the price is just right for quality footwear.

Activizer makes an entire line of slippers for women that are all reasonably priced and well constructed. No matter what your slipper needs is, you will find an activizer slipper that is just right for you. The Activizer indoor/outdoor slippers are perfect for travel. They are machine washable and come in cream, navy, white, pink, black, baby blue, or taupe. These are ballerina type slippers with rubber soles. These slippers have a very feminine bow accent, and they are skid resistant.

Activizer also has a clog slipper made of velour material. This slipper features a four zone active comfort system. The slipper is durable and lightweight and is acceptable for both indoor and outdoor wear. The Activizer featherweight slippers are also suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. These slippers resemble moccasins, and have a skid resistant sole. They are made of faux suede and are machine washable. They also feature the four zone active comfort system.

The final slipper in the Activizer slippers line at Dillards is the Activizer Velour Ballerina Slippers. These are durable lightweight slippers suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. They also feature the four zone active comfort system, and they are machine washable. Again, no matter which type of slipper you want, the chances are very good that activizer slippers can fill your needs – and Dillards can give you a great price!

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