Activizer Slippers: Designed for Women’s Feet

Activizer slippers are popular among women who love to wear casual, feminine footwear. These slippers are designed to bring out a feminine look and emphasize the beauty of a woman’s feet. This brand of slippers can be found in department stores, such as Dillards, and other fashion shoe stores.

The wearing of slippers has become quite popular among female consumers. Before, slippers are more commonly used inside the house, while you’re wearing your robe and drinking a last cup of cocoa before going to bed. But now, slippers are considered a fashion footwear and Activizer slippers are among some of the more popular brands.

The bare essentials of slippers are what attracted women to wear them not only in the privacy of their homes, but also in the streets, while shopping in malls and even in events where a formal attire is not required. Aside from being comfortable, slippers go well with skirts, shorts and other casual clothing that women wear, especially during the summer months.

Activizer manufactures slippers for indoor and outdoor wear. The brand has become a popular choice due to its feminine and colorful designs. There is no doubt about it, the slippers from this brand are definitely for female feet. The accents, colors and shapes of the line of slippers offered under this name are designed with the female form in mind.

The most common model from Activizer is the machine-washable slippers designed for both outdoor and indoor travel. These slippers have a padded insole and terry lining and are topped with bow accents. They feature a skid-resistant diamond-grip bottom and are offered in various colors including white, pink, cream, navy, black, blue and taupe. The footwear is made from a lightweight, velour material and has a four-zone active comfort system. The slippers cost $18.

Activizer slippers are designed to emphasize the feminine shape of a woman’s feet. They are comfortable, casual and they can go well with most casual women clothing. The slippers allow the wearer to show off her beautiful feet without sacrificing comfort and safety. For those who like to keep in fashion without neglecting the bare essentials, these slippers are definitely a good choice. 

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