Womens Shoes, designed for Looks

Womens shoes, which were once designed for durability and comfort, are now a major focus in a woman’s overall look. However, most womens shoes do not fit properly, causing a variety of problems over the course of time. Here are some tips on finding womens shoes that fit properly – without losing your sense of style!

When you set out to purchase new shoes, make sure that you are wearing the type of socks or hosiery that you will wear with the shoes that you purchase. This is important, because the socks or hosiery will change the way the shoe fits. For instance, wearing thick socks to try on shoes that you will wear with panty hose won’t work out very well – when you put the same shoes on with the hose, you will find that they are too big!

When you try on the shoes, stand on one foot at a time, allowing all of your weight to be on that one foot. While standing on one foot, wiggle your toes. Is there toe wiggle room? Stand on your tip toe. The shoes should bend where your foot bends. Standing normally in the shoes, you should have a half inch of space from the end of your longest toe to the tip of the shoe.

Next, think about the width of the shoe. At the widest part of your foot, does the shoe feel comfortable when standing on one foot, when standing normally on two feet, and when walking? Don’t just take a few steps, walk ten or twenty feet and then back to get a good sense of what the shoe will feel like when walking. If it pinches anywhere, you don’t want it!

Finally, never purchase a pair of womens shoes without trying them on – even though you know what size shoe you wear. Sizes vary from brand to brand, and you may find you’ve purchased a pair of shoes that simply do not fit! Avoid buying shoes that are not comfortable, with the thought that they just need a break in period, or that they need to be stretched as well!

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